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Hey everyone! We’d like to start by explaining why an NYC Dumpling and Dim Sum spot is led with “Long Island” in the title, well, this is a spin off brand of our successful Long Island restaurant, Long Island Pekin (insta: @longislandpekin), no no we didn’t forget the “g” at the end of “Pekin”. We promise there is a reason, hit us up on Instagram and we will gladly explain.


Thank you to our LIP (Long Island Pekin) customers that have supported us from the very beginning on Long Island. It truly was all of you that gave us the confidence to try an express location. We inherited this spot in order to spread the love with our innovative handmade dumplings and dim sum. You’ll find familiar must-haves as well as some creative items only found with us.


Dumplings and dim sum are the backbone of our restaurants. They’re reliable, consistent, and nostalgic comfort food. It’s something we’re proud to make and serve with over 40 years of combined experience and wisdom. With the world filled with so much uncertainty and negativity around each corner, we’re here to provide you with some comfort and smiles.

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